How To: Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker Pairing

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Before you can enjoy listening to music on your Bluetooth speaker, you need to pair it with an audio device. For most people, this will be a smartphone. But you can pair Bluetooth speakers to any device that supports Bluetooth audio streaming, such as a laptop, tablet, or even a TV.

In this guide, I will show you how to pair Sylvania Bluetooth speakers to a phone. Sylvania makes many different models, but the general instructions here should apply to most of them. If you are trying to pair another type of device, don’t worry, the process is pretty much the same.

Pairing A Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker

Before you attempt to pair the speaker to your device, make sure it is within about 30 feet. Bluetooth has a limited range. Thick walls, ceilings, trees, etc. can reduce the effective range. Make sure you are close enough to the speaker to get a good connection.

Step 1 – Power On The Sylvania Speaker

Your speaker should have enough battery charge to power on and stay on for several minutes. Use the power button to turn on your Sylvania Bluetooth speaker. You should see an LED light or an audible indication that it is powered on.

Step 2 – Turn On Bluetooth Pairing Mode

With the speaker on, enable Bluetooth pairing mode. The button for this depends on which model of Sylvania Bluetooth speaker that you have. In this case, the button is shaped like the Bluetooth logo. On other Sylvania speakers, the pairing button will be labeled as Mode or Source. Press and hold the pairing button for several seconds. The speaker might produce a tone, or light up the LED indicator.

Sylvania speakers with no pairing buttons will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode when turned on. No matter which way you enter pairing mode, the speaker should stay in this mode for several minutes.

Step 3 – Connect To Your Audio Device

On your phone, or whatever Bluetooth audio device you are trying to connect to, open your Settings, and then find Bluetooth settings. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device.

In your Bluetooth settings, there should be a list of devices, or the option to pair to a new device. Allow your device to search for new Bluetooth devices. Wait several moments, and then look for your Sylvania Bluetooth speaker in the list of discovered devices. The name of your speaker will be Sylvania, followed by the model number. In my case, Sylvania SP1043 was what I selected on my phone.


Once you find and select your Sylvania speaker from the list, the connection will be made. You are now able to stream music or other audio to the speaker via Bluetooth. You can control the volume of the speaker using the volume controls on your speaker, or from the audio device.

In the future, your device should automatically find and connect to the Sylvania speaker. You don’t need to perform this pairing process each time. If the connection ever fails, repeat this process. To disconnect the Bluetooth connection, turn off the Sylvania speaker, or disconnect from the Bluetooth settings on your device.

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