Options For Using A Fire TV Stick Without Wifi (Best To Worst)

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Streaming devices, like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, act as a hub for all your favorite streaming services. You can’t stream online TV shows and movies on a Fire TV Stick without Wifi internet access.

The device itself only runs the software, it doesn’t typically store content locally for offline use. Most apps require internet access to stream content. Only a handful allow you to download content for offline viewing.

With the main question of using a Fire TV Stick without Wifi out of the way, let’s dig in to what you CAN do without an internet connection. Here are your options for using a Fire TV Stick without Wifi, ranked from best to worst.

Use your phone hotspot

If your home internet is down, or you are traveling, the best way to use a Fire TV Stick is by connecting to your phone’s Wifi hotspot. Most devices and plans allow you to turn your phone into a portable hotspot, with limited data. 

While it isn’t an ideal solution due to the limited data on most cell phone plans, using your phone as a Wifi hotspot is a great temporary solution. When you connect your Fire TV Stick to your phone’s Wifi hotspot, everything will work like normal. 

To turn on your hotspot, go into your Settings. Then turn on the Personal Hotspot. If you’ve never used it before, set up a password and name the Wifi network.

On your Fire TV Stick, go to Settings, and then Network. Search for the Wifi name you just created on your phone. Click to connect, and then enter in your personal hotspot password.

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When traveling, use hotel or public Wifi

The next best option is to use a public Wifi network. Maybe it’s the hotel Wifi, or maybe you are within range of a coffee shop or other business.

Connecting to a public Wifi network will give you internet access to be able to use your Fire TV Stick like you normally would at home. 

To find public Wifi networks, go to Settings > Network on your Fire TV Stick, and then hit See All Networks. Try to find a Wifi network without a password requirement.

I only recommend using pubic Wifi if you don’t have a personal hotspot on your phone. Using your own Wifi network is more secure. Public Wifi is more risky when it comes to security.

Download content for offline viewing

Some apps allow you to download content while you have internet access, and then view them later offline. You can even use apps like Kodi to store and organize downloaded content from 3rd party sources on your Fire TV Stick. 

Fire TV Stick’s don’t have much internal storage, so this solution is only good if you have a few TV show episodes, or one or two movies you need to stream offline. 

It’s also a more complicated process, since Kodi isn’t available directly on the Fire TV App Store. Follow a tutorial like this one if you are interested in using Kodi to play downloaded content on your Fire TV Stick.

Use Fire TV apps and games offline

Some Fire TV apps can be used offline. While streaming apps won’t do much good without internet, apps like games can be used without Wifi. 

When you start up your Fire TV Stick without internet, the dashboard won’t load. To find apps and use them offline, go to Settings, and then Applications. Then click on Manage Installed Applications. Find the app you want to launch, and then click Launch Application.

Before relying on offline mode, check the App Store details to make sure that internet access is not required. Some apps, even offline games, will require internet access to work correctly.

Final thoughts

You can’t do very much on a Fire TV Stick without Wifi internet access. Streaming services download content from the internet, so without it, you are limited to what is on your Fire TV Stick locally. 

My top recommendation is to use your phone’s Wifi hotspot to connect to the internet. If no Wifi networks are available, you can always download content, apps, and games locally to your Fire TV Stick and use them offline.

Do you have any offline app recommendations or other tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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