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Should You Use Speakers Or Headphones For Gaming?

Sound plays a vital role in the world of video games because it radically enhances your immersion. It is therefore important to decide wisely on which sound device performs best when it comes to sound in your gaming world. Should you use speakers or headphones for gaming? This is a question commonly asked by gamers. There will always be divided opinions regarding this matter because everything depends on many factors. If you are deciding on which of the two will give you the ultimate gaming experience, keep reading. We will explore the differences between the two, and let you know …

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Will Speakers Damage An LED TV?

If you grew up in a time before flat screen TV’s, you probably remember worrying about speakers damaging the screen on TV’s. Back then, with the older CRT technology, speaker magnets could permanently damage a TV. But what about LED TV technology? Can speakers damage LED TV’s? In this article we are going to answer the question, and then explain why it was ever a concern to begin with. Let’s jump right in. Will speakers damage my LED TV? No, speakers will not damage an LED TV unless you physically throw the speakers directly at the screen! But if you’re …

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