What Internet Speeds Are Required For A Fire TV Stick?

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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, and other streaming devices like it, can turn any TV into a streaming hub. But streaming movies and TV shows requires a broadband internet connection. If you have slow internet, such as DSL or dial-up, you might not be able to use a Fire TV Stick to its full potential.

Unlike with cable or satellite television, streaming involves downloading TV shows and movies over the internet, usually through services like Netflix and Hulu. When streaming on a Fire TV Stick, it’s important to understand the minimum internet speed requirements. I’ll cover that in this article, as well as dig into the speeds required for HD and 4K.

Minimum download speed for SD

At a minimum, your internet connection needs to be 3 mbps (megabits per second) to stream with a Fire TV Stick. If your internet is capable of downloading at 3 mbps, you’ll be able to stream SD (standard-definition) content. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and other streaming services will work fine, as long as you are ok with SD quality.

Recommended speed for HD

If you want to stream HD (high-definition) content, your internet connection must be at least 5 mbps. HD is the most common resolution for streaming. All the apps on a Fire TV Stick will work great on a connection of 5 mbps.

What internet do you need for a 4K Fire TV Stick?

4K is where it gets more demanding. The minimum speed recommended for streaming 4K content is 25 mbps. Not only will you need faster internet for 4K, you’ll also need to make sure you have the Fire TV Stick 4K version, and 4K-enabled content to stream. I wrote an article if you want to learn more about the differences between the Fire TV Stick models.

Streaming services can adjust to your speed

If you have 3 mbps DSL, you will be able to stream SD content from a Fire TV Stick. But you may be wondering about HD and 4K content. What happens if your favorite show is in HD on Netflix? Can you still steam it?

The good news is that streaming services constantly adjust the bitrate of the stream to match your internet connection. In other words, you’ll always see the highest quality version of your show, depending on your internet download speed.

How can I see how fast my internet is?

If you don’t know how fast your internet is, you can find out pretty easily by doing a speed test. There are websites and apps that allow you to perform an internet speed test for free. My favorite is Speedtest.net, which also has an app you can download to your phone.

Which types of internet work with a Fire TV Stick?

Check out the table below to see if your internet type is compatible with streaming on a Fire TV Stick.

Internet TypeTypical SpeedsGood for a Fire TV Stick?
Dial-Up56 kbpsNo
DSL1-10 mbpsYes
Cable25-1000 mbpsYes
Fiber1000+ mbpsYes
Satellite5-25 mbpsYes
Mobile (4G LTE/5G)12-300 mbpsYes
Fixed Wireless3-100 mbpsYes


To stream with an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you need internet speeds of at least 3 mbps. Most types of internet are capable of this speed, but I recommend performing a speed test to find out for sure. With a 3 mbps connection or above, you can stream on a Fire TV Stick from any of the major streaming services.

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